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NEW & FRESH! MAGIC® Washable & Waterproof Paper Menus.
So easy to sanitize & reusable over & over again!
MenuCoverMan Washable and waterproof paper menus.

Waterproof and tearproof paper menus are easily cleaned.

The Crystal Dining Room features the Crystal Clear Spine menu covers of the Menucoveroman.

Magic Tear-Proof
& Water-Proof Printed Menus

Premium quality menu covers.

If you’re in need of printed menus that are affordable & long lasting, then we have you covered! Your new tear-proof menus are waterproof, stain resistant, extremely durable & easy to sanitize. Consider waterproof paper in 10 ml, multiple configurations & sizes, full color or black & white, & single or double sided.

Your new Magic menus are made of a special synthetic paper. Though paper, it is not for tossing away. This paper is designed to last for an indefinite number of service cycles. Really!!

Your great design ideas
can be turned into artistic magic!

Made in USA

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Tearproof Menus With Your Menu Imprinted Right On It.

Call 888-777-4522 to place your order. Or, simply enter your order here.
We will work with you to make certain there is no guesswork, & that your new menus are perfect.
Your credit card will not be charged until you review & approve a photo-realistic proof that we will create for you.


The front cover..


...& this is on the back!

Synthetic paper menus for cafes and diners.

Synthetic paper menus for eateries.


The front cover..


...& this is on the back!

Synthetic paper menus for restaurants.

Synthetic menus for restaurants.

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Printed Menus
Two-Sided Printing on Easy-Clean Tear-Proof Synthetic Paper
Your price when  
you buy.. 

250 Menus 
Your price when  
you buy.. 

500 Menus 

  4.25" Wide x 11" Tall

$ 529. 

$ 1029. 

4.25" Wide x 14" Tall

$ 589. 

$ 1149. 

4" Wide x 6" Tall

$ 349. 

$ 679. 

5" Wide x 7" Tall

$ 409. 

$ 759. 

5.5" Wide x 8.5" Tall

$ 529. 

$ 1039. 

8.5" Wide x 11" Tall

$ 559. 

$ 1089. 

8.5" Wide x 14" Tall

$ 1009. 

$ 1499. 

11" Wide x 17" Tall

$ 829. 

$ 1619. 


Synthetic paper offers truly great features!!

Tear proof. Water proof. Less expensive than replacing menus daily.
Stain resistant. High quality. Easily sanitized. Extremely durable. 10 mil thickness is standard.

PDF files are best for translating into paper menus- if you have them.
If not, we will create them for you. Specifications: .125 outer bleed, no crop marks.

Black & White or full color- the same price!

Small paper menu.
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Imprinted Paper Placemat

PAPER PLACEMATS • for traditional use, or put your whole menu right on it!

Your excellent new disposable paper placemats are affordable, high quality and feature a fast turnaround time. They will be will be printed on #60 paper & can be printed in full color or black
& white. Rectangular placemats as shown above are now available, & they can be customized with your logo, a border or a design of your choosing. (Art files to be approved by our designer.)

 TWO-SIDED lets you set-up for  different needs. You could have a  full breakfast/lunch menu on one  side, & a kid's menu on the other.

Disposable Placemats
Single-Use & Hygienic

Place your order here, or call right now,
& we'll do it for you!

12" x 18" - Full Color

12" x 18" - Full Color

Your price when  
you buy..  

250 Placemats 
$ 249. 

$ 389. 

Your price when  
you buy..  

500 Placemats 
$ 329. 

$ 569. 

Your price when  
you buy.. 

750 Placemats 
$ 439. 

$ 739. 

Your price when  
you buy..  

1000 Placemats 
$ 539. 

$ 849. 

Your price when  
you buy..  

2500 Placemats 
$ 1129. 

$ 1779. 

Your price when  
you buy..  

5000 Placemats 
$ 2039. 

$ 2289. 

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MenuCoverMan Menus - Tearproof and waterproof.
Hygienic products blurb.
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Absolutley free deliver for menu covers when you order 50 pieces or more.

Advantage menu covers fresh from the factory to you.

Your brand new Magic® Washable & Waterproof Menus are expertly designed & produced in our USA factory by capable & dedicated American craftspeople. Count on it.


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